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Drain coil secondary issues

1, the coil structure according to a certain order of laying around on the floor lapping,

2, before and after the coil and has a small lap around columns, small lapping column should be set into the large column bracket.

3, in order to prevent the construction of water leakage or coils slide over the edge glued or busy concreting with cement point a certain distance.


1, drain the best mechanical erection, or manual installation. When laying, attention should be paid to singe the rough side up, and then end with fixation by mechanical or human strain, tensile elongation rates about 1 • 0%~1 • 5%, laying flat close to the road ahead.

2, drains the transverse overlap of about 4~5cm, according to the spreading direction, under pressure in the front end on the back end, with hot bitumen or asphalt cement good fixation; longitudinal lapping the same about 4~5cm can be directly bonded oil cake knot. Take took wide, lap sandwich thicker, surface layer and the grass-roots level combined with the weakened, easily lead to adverse effects such as blistering, detachment and displacement. So, set to take over the entire width of parts should be cut out.

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