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Drain on quality guarantee measure

1, in the construction of drainage Board emerging issues, site analysis by the production manager to organize relevant personnel in a timely manner, proposing solutions, and prevent similar problems from recurring. The enthusiasm of the workers improved, familiar with the process of laying drainage Board.

2, through the quality of technical training and education, and incentives, later construction excellence implementation details, summarizes the construction quality and timely, the laying quality gradually improved

Second, waterproofed advantage

1, excellent waterproof and seepage, seepage hydrostatic pressure above 1.0MPa, permeability coefficient 5x10-9cm/s

2, thickness of hydration of bentonite to form gels in the local damage can be repaired.

3, low demand for primary treatment, accelerating the construction schedule of underground engineering.

4, simple construction is not affected by the ambient temperature limit zero can also be normal construction.

Convenience and cut into any shape and size of 5, the construction, repair or local reinforcement laying is easy to operate.

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