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Laying of drainage Board procedures

1. clean up the trash, laying the scene cement screed, make no obvious bump, an outdoor garage roof and the slope of the roof needs to be 2-5‰.

2. use, so water drains discharge concentration to the nearby sewer pipe or nearby city sewer.

3. ground seepage in the basement, on the basis it overhead floor, which is in front of the floor to do a layer of drainage boards, dome down, around a blind, so that groundwater does not come on, natural water seepage through the drain space flows around blind, and blind drain into the sump.

4. basement wall anti-seepage, allowed at the main wall the laying of drainage boards, dome for the main walls. Drainage Board built a single wall or Ferro-cement to protect drains, water seepage caused the wall to the outside of the plate space straight down into the blind until the sump.

5. laying of drainage plate in any lot, you must be careful: do not let the soil, cement, sand and other debris enters the drain of positive space, ensure that the drain space open.

6. when the drain-laying as well as protective measures, or outdoor garage laying drainage works backfill should be done as soon as possible in a timely manner, preventing winds blowing through drains affect the laying quality. And interior walls of the basement waterproofing layer as soon as possible to prevent draining board be or damage.

7. backfill soil is clay, geotextile required above 3-5 in shop for alternative ideal of sand and water in favour of geotextile; as backfill soil is a soil or light soil would no longer need to build a layer of sand, the earth itself is very loose and very easy to filter water.

8. the drains take the next right at the edge and edge when laying 1-2-point, or two pieces of baseboard touch alignment, geotextile lap above, as long as no dirt enters the drains and drainage channels can keep the drain open.

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