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The main function of drainage boards

Water water

Waterproofing and drainage protection of plate-convex hollow stud structure, rainwater can be exported quickly and efficiently, greatly reduce or eliminate the hydrostatic waterproof layer, use to this active principle of water initiative waterproof effect.

Water resistance: polyethylene (HDPE) waterproof protection material is in itself a very good waterproof material. Through the use of a reliable connection, waterproof and drainage Board became a good auxiliary materials.

Protection protection

Protection against drainage Board can effectively protect the structure and waterproof, and resist all kinds of acid and alkali in the soil and plant thorns. When the outside of the basement wall backfill, it protects and waterproofing of buildings from destruction.

Sound insulation and ventilation and moisture-proof function:

Laboratory data indicated that polyethylene (HDPE) waterproof protection board can effectively lower the 14 DB, 500HZ noise, with significant noise reduction noise function. Waterproof water when used in floors or walls, can also play a good role in ventilation and moisture-proof.

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