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The wide application of plastic drainage plate in engineering

Plastic drainage Board in the wide application of waterproof and drainage engineering, let more people know the plastic drain Board, ever different ways of draining, drain due to low cost, easy lay, used by more people in engineering, purchase plastic drain Board is still to peak, we are manufacturers of plastic drainage plate!

Plastic drainage Board also called "building sandwich plastic Board", drainage Board has insulation, and insulation, drainage Board main with in tunnel, and Metro, and water, and highway, and drainage engineering; gate, and dam protection engineering; buildings waterproof, and anti-infiltration; city garbage fill buried; port construction; pond, and salt pan workers, and anti-tube Chung; industrial and the life water, and golf field; pool,, and because plastic drainage Board has light, and resistance root, and water, and drainage, and good of breathable sex, variety function, also was widely application in roofing planting and garage green Shang, Its contribution to environmental protection, the promotion of plastic drainage plate brought good news for the environment!

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