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Affect The Drain Board Reinforcement Effect Of Several Aspects

Affect the Drain Board reinforcement effect of several aspects
With the extensive application of plastic Drain Board in soft soil foundation, the research on the influencing factors of its reinforcement effect is also more and more in-depth. The existing research both at home and abroad mainly includes the following aspects.
(1) Calculation of equivalent diameter of plastic drain board
The function and design of the plastic Drain Board is the same as that of the sand well drainage method, and the plastic Drain Board can be designed into the equivalent diameter of the sand well. The equivalent diameter is the basic parameter of plastic Drain Board design, only depends on the surface area and shape of the plastic Drain Board, and has nothing to do with the water capacity and material. Many scholars at home and abroad have done a lot of research on this, the conversion coefficient obtained vary.
(2) plastic Drain Board well resistance effect
Well resistance depends on the size of the plastic drain through the water capacity, and plastic drain through the water capacity depends largely on the type of Drain Board section and Drain Board filter performance. It mainly shows the influence of the type of plastic Drain Board section and the influence of the filter membrane.
(3) plastic Drain Board smear effect
Flapper will plastic Drain Board inserted into the soil, flapper machine mandrel on the soil around the Drain Board disturbance, this disturbance area called the smear zone. Due to disturbed soil area, the permeability coefficient is greatly reduced, affecting the function of Drain Board. There are 3 parameters that characterize the application: the diameter of the application zone, the horizontal permeability coefficient and the vertical permeability coefficient of the application zone. The area and permeability coefficient of the smear zone vary with the progress of the card inserter, the shape and size of the mandrel, and the structure of the soil. Among them diamond-shaped mandrel produces the least smear effect; the static pressure method is less than the smear effect of smearing mode; smear in soft clay is larger than that in hard soil.
Green Drain Board construction materials and equipment
(1) Drain Board requirements: The plastic Drain Board is a composite body composed of a core body and a filter sleeve, or a porous pipe plate band (without a filter sleeve) made of a single material. According to the design requirements, Plastic drain manufacturers.
1. Core board should have sufficient tensile strength and vertical drainage capacity, the tensile strength of not less than 130N / cm. The drainage capacity is not less than 30cm3 / m when the surrounding soil pressure is not more than 25KN / m2 within 15m and not more than 350KN / m2 within more than 15m.
2. Core board should be corrosion-resistant and sufficient flexibility to ensure the durability of plastic board drain manufacturers in the ground, and soil consolidation deformation will not be broken or broken.
Drain Board as a drainage material because:
1.DPDP plastic Drain Board coarse particles, larger permeability coefficient, but it can not stop the movement of fine soil. Drain Board in full play the role of filtration, the upper reaches of the overhead layer will form a layer of natural filter layer, natural filter layer of fine soil content more than the overhead layer, the water permeability is relatively low,
2.HDPE plastic Drain Board blocked the movement of fine soil adjacent to the natural soil, which played a role in retaining the soil. This is how the drain works.
3. HDPE plastic Drain Board is a kind of very good geotextile material, Drain Board design requirements of permeability coefficient is greater than 10 times the permeability coefficient of soil, so to make the head in front of the increase in the role of penetration, it is possible The dirt particles close to the Drain Board and the smaller particles entrained into the Drain Board, this situation gradually away from the direction of the Drain Board, and gradually formed by a thick layer of coarse particles formed by the overhead layer.

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