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Drain Board In The Construction Of The Need To Pay Attention To The Points

Drain Board in the construction of the need to pay attention to the points

There are a lot of construction projects, the site are applied to the Drain Board of such materials to the project construction, first of all, we take a look at these implementation process need to pay attention to the content and some technical requirements:

  1, the first is to measure the relevant relevant ground data, which is conducive to the future in the Drain Board when the better control of the number.

  2, is the Drain Board from both sides of the foundation to the central position of the insert.

      After these operations are ready, we need to

  1, the hollow casing with steel boots and plastic plate with a plug machine into the ground to a predetermined elevation,

  2, at the same time in the arrival position, measuring the location of the data.

  3, in order to prevent the waste of plastic Drain Board, according to the different areas and depth of reinforcement, first calculate the depth of each row of Drain Board, and then determine the depth of each plate of plastic Drain Board and set the length

The underground drainage system should be designed with a complete drainage system such as pooling, flow and discharge. But also according to engineering geology, hydrogeology and environmental protection requirements for drainage design.

Underground works using Drain Board should meet:

1, should be used for self-flow conditions, high water requirements and anti-floating requirements of the underground works;

2, anti-Drain Board should be set in the bottom of the engineering structure of the bottom, and should be coarse sand filter layer and the water pipe or drainage ditch system system;

3, the total thickness of coarse sand filter layer should be 300mm, such as thicker should be layered paving, filter layer and the foundation pit soil contact, should be used 100-150mm thickness, particle size 5-10mm paving; Layer between the top and the bottom of the structure, should be a layer of Drain Board or 30-50mm thick 1: 3 cement mortar for the mortar layer;

4, catchment wells should be set in the lower part of the coarse sand filter layer, the slope should not be less than 1%, and no slope phenomenon. The distance between the wells should be 5-10 m. Water through the Drain Board system, into the water wells after the use of groundwater pump drain.

Construction of plastic Drain Board Note:

Clean the laying of the scene of the garbage, the cement leveling, so that there is no obvious convex at the scene, outdoor garage roof and roof garden need to have 2-5 ‰ to find the roof greening and outdoor garage roof green can be used with porous seepage pipe, so that plastic drainage The water discharged from the plate is discharged to the nearby sewer or the nearby city sewer. Basement floor impermeable water, in the foundation above the overhead floor, that is, before doing the floor is to do a layer of Drain Board, round down, surrounded by blind ditch, so that the ground water does not come, water naturally through the Drain Board Of the space into the surrounding blind ditch, and then through the blind ditch into the sump. HDPE Drain Board basement wall impermeable water, the main body of the building can be laid on the Drain Board, round table facing the main wall, Drain Board and then a layer of single wall or steel mesh pipe cement to protect the Drain Board, So that the space outside the wall of the water pipe straight down into the blind ditch straight to the collection pit. In any section of the laying of Drain Board, we must pay attention not to let the soil, cement, sand and other garbage into the front of the Drain Board space to ensure that the Drain Board space.

When the plastic Drain Board laying as much as possible when the protection measures, level or outdoor garage laying Drain Board should be done as soon as possible backfill work to prevent the wind blowing the impact of laying the quality of Drain Board; basement and interior wall waterproof as soon as possible to do a protective layer , To prevent the Drain Board was destroyed by people or things. Backfill is a cohesive soil, in the geotextile above the need to shop 3-5 cm yellow sand for the ideal, is conducive to geotextile water; such as backfill is a nutrient soil or light soil no longer need to lay a layer of yellow Sand, this soil itself is very easy to loose water.

Drain Board in the laying of the side and side of the next lap down 1-2 fulcrum, you can also hit the two floor Qi, the use of geotextile lap above, as long as there is no soil into the Drain Board drainage channel can be maintained to maintain drainage.

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