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Experimental Study On Anti - Deformation Performance Model Of Geocells Structure

Experimental Study on Anti - deformation Performance Model of Geocells Structure
The geotextile reinforced soft foundation can effectively improve the strength and rigidity of the foundation and reduce the settlement and settlement of the foundation, which has been verified in many practical projects. However, there is no systematic study on the deformation properties of the Geocells structure layer itself. The deformation resistance of Geocells structure was studied by static load test, and the influence factors of Geocells size, packing type and compaction degree were compared and analyzed. The results show that the deformation resistance of loess and coarse sand structural layer strengthened by Geocells is obviously improved. When the filler is coarse sand, the deformation modulus of Geocells structure layer is increased by 3.25 times, and when the filler is loess, 1.73 times. The Geocells welding distance had no significant effect on the deformation resistance of the Geocells structure layer, but had a great influence on the Geocells compaction degree and Geocells packing.
Geocells is a new type of geosynthetics, with three-dimensional network structure, the overall high strength, heat aging, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. It is possible to effectively improve the strength and stiffness of the foundation and reduce the settlement and settlement of the foundation, which has been verified in many practical projects. However, the deformation of the Geocells structure layer itself is still lack of System research. In this paper, the large-scale indoor model test of the Geocells structure layer is carried out, and several influencing factors are considered synthetically, and the deformation behavior is analyzed systematically. The internal model test is mainly to test the deformation modulus of the Geocells structure layer, taking the Geocells specifications, packing type and packing compactness as the main influencing factors. The static load test method is used to analyze the Geocells structure Deformation characteristics.
The Geocells was applied in the construction of expressway engineering in China, and its effect was analyzed and studied. Through a highway test section, in the grassroots laying enhanced Geocells, compared with the laying of the use of on-site bearing plate testing, we can see Geocells room equivalent weight modulus increased by 50% or more. And then through the BISAR software to calculate the pavement of the single-layer modulus, the Geocells can make a single layer of elastic modulus increased more than 2 times. Using the Beckman beam deflection instrument, can also be obtained Geocells to reduce the deflection of more than 20%.
Domestic grading under heavy traffic conditions, graded gravel can be applied to the grassroots there are doubts, even in low-grade roads are rarely used as grass-roots; past design gradation is basically based on experience, did not put forward a suitable The grading design of the graded aggregate is studied only, and the grading of the coarse aggregate is not carried out separately. Continuous grading with more applications, the skeleton of the better intermittent gradation or fracture gradation research less.
The strength of the graded crushed stone is mainly composed of agglomeration of the pellets, so the requirements of the gradation are higher; the gradation of the construction site must strictly meet the interior design ratio, and the uniformity of the stone quality needs to be ensured. In this sense, graded gravel grass on the stone quality requirements, no less than asphalt mixture of stone quality requirements.
In the country, for the high-grade highway grading gravel, are high quality, angular rolling rolling gravel; and the reality is that the quality of the gravel gravel stone did not pay enough attention, and even As cement stabilized gravel base stone used, it is difficult to ensure the effect of gradation composition.
Geocells as a three-dimensional grid structure of geosynthetics, due to good mechanical properties, ease of construction and low cost characteristics, more and more widely used, has a good application prospects.
At present, the Geocells has been widely used in embankment reinforcement, soft foundation treatment, slope protection, retaining wall construction, pipeline support, bridgehead jumping treatment, desert roadbed treatment, beach treatment and airport construction, but in For the reinforcement of graded gravel base, but also the lack of in-depth study.

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