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Garage Drain Board Performance Is What Factors Are Determined

Garage Drain Board performance is what factors are determined
Garage Drain Board Performance:
1. Garage Drain Board, also known as filter or filter down filter. In the project, refers to the state of the liquid in the soil, when flowing into the filter material, the fluid can pass, and the role of the skeleton of the solid particles retained the phenomenon.
2. Garage Drain Board used in the water may cause the soil to produce serious penetration deformation of the place. For example, in the water flow from the surface of the soil to escape the site, or in the soil around the drainage body, often set the filter material.
3. Garage Drain Board can play a role in the mechanism of filtration there are two reasons, generally exist at the same time, but under different conditions as a major role. First, that the drainage of the Drain Board is equivalent to the traditional permeable sand and gravel material, retaining the soil is the use of friends of the Drain Board enough small aperture to block the protection of the skeleton of soil through;
Garbage Drain Board Performance Determinants:
1, good garage Drain Board raw materials, we commonly used raw materials hdpe high-density polyethylene, this material compression ability, strong antioxidant capacity, the service life can reach more than a century.
2, a good manufacturing process, we have advanced 3 meters wide Drain Board for professional production staff, and testing personnel to ensure product quality. As a professional plastic Drain Board manufacturers, friends of building materials used to do things, the production of the board to make you feel at ease.
3, strict garage Drain Board detection mechanism to ensure the quality of each garage Drain Board. We have our own professional garage Drain Board testing equipment.
Garage Drain Board raw materials are mainly hdpe high density polyethylene and pvc PVC two, of which hdpe high density polyethylene is the most widely used. Which is made of high-density polyethylene garage Drain Board, divided into new hdpe high-density polyethylene materials and recycling hdpe high-density polyethylene materials processing and the process, the new material of the Drain Board strong compressive strength, high gloss , Good quality, of course, the price is more expensive, then the recovery of material hdpe plastic Drain Board prices are much lower, but the performance is not as good as the new material of the garage Drain Board.
Again is the pvc garage Drain Board pvc vinyl chloride monomer in the peroxide, azo compounds and other initiators; or in the light, heat under the action of free radical polymerization polymerization of polymer. pvc garage Drain Board price is lower than the hdpe garage Drain Board, raw material prices are low on the one hand the use of life is also lower than the hdpe garage Drain Board, as a professional garage Drain Board manufacturers both we produce you can according to their own needs set.
Garage Drain Board welding is one of the problems of construction, master the plastic Drain Board welding machine construction of several steps can reduce your post-construction problems, clinker grasp the Drain Board welding technology can save time and effort, underground garage Drain Board Welding is a time-consuming place in the construction of Drain Boards.
1, turn on the power, adjust the left side of the rotation to 400 degrees, red light, in the heating process
2, wait until the green light is lit, indicating that the end of heating, both sides into the Drain Board lap edge
3, push the left handle in place, Drain Board welding opportunities automatically walk, need to care to prevent welding machine deviation, deviation should be timely righting, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

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