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Geocells, Small Body Big Advantage

Geocells, small body big advantage
There are three hazards in the city: dust, exhaust and haze. In addition to solving the three sources of pollution pollution control, there is the most important point is: to increase the green area of the city. But afforestation projects are easier said than done. In particular, the city's green parking lot should be basically covered with concrete paving brick, impermeable, impermeable, no green grass, effortless and time-consuming no effect.
 However, Geocells because it is the use of advanced technology for polymer materials made of high temperature die-made, light weight, small size, handling pavement is very convenient, can greatly reduce the amount of manual labor. If you think there is only one Geocells advantage, that's a big mistake. Geocells room is very wide range of applications, parking, fire escapes and platforms, and even green pedestrian pavement can also use Geocells.
First of all, Geocells can achieve the purpose of full greening, because the Geocells partition between the relatively thin, and the bottom of the air seepage, grass planting area can be expanded to 95 percent or more, and the Geocells also comes with sound-absorbing vacuum Oh function
Second, the Geocells paved, the completion of grass work. You will find that you actually built a green lawn parking lot in the shortest possible time, absolutely environmentally friendly, and cool, right? Geocells construction of the parking lot can make the green rate compliance and conservation of land resources into one, saving developers economic input.
Once again, Geocells because of pipeline production, Geocells with the same model can guarantee the formation of pavement, not because of uneven and increase the amount of construction. Shorten the greening construction time and improve the greening efficiency.
Finally, the most attractive feature of Geocells is its excellent service life and performance, it is very eco-friendly. Because Geocells material special, strength and performance are good, can be recycled, to achieve re-use. Have sufficient experimental data to prove: Geocells per square meter can carry 200 tons of pressure Oh! So, with Geocells planting grass to build parking and pedestrian street that is appropriate!
In fact, Geocells addition to the use of advantages, the latter part of the maintenance has great advantages: Because the Geocells can withstand acid-base corrosion and grinding pressure, between minus 40 degrees Celsius to 90 degrees Celsius can be used normally, as long as the correct way to pavement Pavement, post-maintenance will save a lot of manpower and resources.
In today's era of striving for ecologically friendly and healthy living environment, the functions and functions of Geocells's green environmental protection, ecological non-polluting and recyclable functions must be sought after, rapid development and promotion.
Geocells is based on the lawn can not walk, can not stop under the conditions of the development of new pavement lawn protection facilities, he is made of material obtained by the national utility model patents, commonly used colors are green, black, white, other colors Can be customized, with anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, reusable, green area up to 95% or more, laying a complete, easy construction, unique and solid flat-type lap so that the entire laying surface even into a smooth whole, to avoid local Depression, recyclable, green, extremely lightweight, quick installation, shorten the construction period, saving labor, protection, can effectively protect the building and the waterproof layer. Geocells market-oriented, technology-backed, capital as a link to create a Geocells production of strong, highly competitive enterprises.

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