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How To Lay Plastic Planting Grass Plate

How to Lay Plastic Planting Grass Plate
   Many people think that the experience of the Plastic Planting Grass Plate depends on the quality of the lawn. In fact, it is not, the quality of the Plastic Planting Grass Plate is closely related to the later viewing and experience, but the laying of the lawn is not reasonable important. The irrational laying method will have the following effects:
      1. The location of the Plastic Planting Grass Plate is subject to a certain degree of flatness and density requirements. Failure to meet the requirements will affect the laying of the Plastic Planting Grass Plate.
      2. In the plastic Planting Grass Plate joints must be paved with a special lap, and fixed with a nail, nail head can not be raised, otherwise it will lead to lap cloth and turf contact is not dense, the bond is not strong;
      3. Plastic Planting Grass Plate Plastic Planting Grass Plate Special use of glue with low quality glue, otherwise it will lead to turf in a very short period of time cracking off, especially in the rainy southern region is even more so, the most important point is The environmental protection of glue directly affects the physical and mental health of you and your family;
      4. Adhesive to be thick evenly, can not be repeated coating, otherwise there will be bubbles, bonding is not strong, or even fall;
      5. The need to bond the bottom of the turf, lap cloth and other clean and dry surface and no water, the adhesive can not be exposed for a long time, the best construction temperature of 5 degrees or more, should not be in the rain and rainy day construction, otherwise Will lead to too long bonding time and bond strength is not up to standard, and even cause non-stick phenomenon.
       Before the construction of the need to join the plastic Planting Grass Plate cut flush, the joints should not be greater than 3mm, under the brush on the adhesive and lap adhesive bonding, to be dry after the joint and hit firmly, Quartz sand and rubber particles before the site for cleaning, Plastic Planting Grass Plate and reasonable construction complement each other, both foolproof match.
  Plastic Planting Grass Plate After the completion of the pavement, the limit line and other mark lines are completed, then it is necessary to hold a large audience check, check whether the leaky, leaky joints, with or without prominent unyielding place to determine the flat Hold sanding process.
       China's current Plastic Planting Grass Plate development focus on the construction of the system. With the development of the market, Plastic Planting Grass Plate has undergone great changes in materials, processes, and construction. The purpose of these changes is to make Plastic Planting Grass Plate closer to natural grass in sports performance, The following stages:
The first stage: the main nylon material, the shape of the carpet, poor flexibility, no protection for athletes, vulnerable;
The second stage: mainly to pp material, and filled with quartz sand particles, hardness;
The third stage: to pe-based materials, filled with quartz sand, while filling rubber particles, with natural grass elasticity, greatly improved motor performance;
The fourth stage: FIFA certification as the standard, focusing on the basis of construction and other systems engineering construction, this stage in addition to mesh artificial turf, but also appeared in the song mix and other products, materials are pe and pp mixed, pe mixed with nylon , Exercise performance to further strengthen;
The fifth stage: to single-silk Plastic Planting Grass Plate-based, in addition to the pursuit of sports performance, but also the pursuit of a more desirable appearance, while more emphasis on system construction.
The market is developing from the fourth stage to the fifth stage. Plastic Planting Grass Plate requirements are very simple, the ground is not demanding, can be cement ground, asphalt surface, it can be hard sand ground, cement stability level.

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