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Influence Of Geocells Height On Settlement Deformation

The height of the Geocells has different specifications, such as 10,20,30 cm, etc., in the actual project which specifications will be directly related to the economics of the project, this paper on the shallow saturated loess foundation conditions under the height of Geocells The vertical displacement of embankment and the horizontal displacement of slope foot are analyzed.
It can be seen that the change of horizontal displacement is obvious when the thickness of Geocells is changed from 10cm to 20cm, and the change of horizontal displacement is not changed from 20cm to 30cm. The final settlement of the embankment is not affected by the thickness of the Geocells, the maximum change is only 3mm, relative to the total settlement of about 20cm, can not be considered. It can be seen that the thickness of the Geocells has a certain effect on the horizontal displacement of the foundation, and it does not have much effect on the total settlement deformation.
The actual construction, the commonly used layout of two: First, in the foundation surface table, and then dug 30cm, laying 20cm Geocells, above the laying of 10cm gravel layer, and finally fill the embankment. Second, after the table, the laying of 10cm gravel layer, and then laying 20cm Geocells, and then fill the embankment.
When the first arrangement position is used, the horizontal displacement of the slope foot is reduced and the maximum reduction is about 2cm. The total settlement deformation of the embankment is not much different from that of the second position. We can find that the two trends are consistent, the biggest difference of about 3-4 cm, the error is about 16%, which is not considered when the analysis of the consolidation of the soil itself.
Based on the finite element analysis and field test results of the shallow saturated loess foundation combined with the Geocells, we can draw the following conclusions:
(1) Reinforcement of shallow saturated loess foundations with Geocellss, through the Geocells and the friction of the packing and the binding force of the cells themselves to the packing, to form a reinforced structure with high strength and rigidity, For the thickness of about 50%, in this range can effectively restrain the lateral deformation of the foundation. At the same time, the vertical displacement of the top and bottom surfaces of the subgrade is reduced, and the vertical displacement of the top surface is larger than that of the bottom surface, showing obvious net pocket effect, and the vertical surface of the foundation is obviously improved To stress. There is a significant stress concentration in the Geocells reinforcement layer, and the vertical stress distribution on the bottom of the roadbed is even lower than that of the geogrid, and the maximum value of the vertical stress is reduced by about 35%, which is similar to that of the raft foundation The
(2) The results of the field show that the Geocells reinforcement the shallow saturated loess foundation can get a good effect.
(3) The thickness of the reinforcement layer of Geocells has little effect on the total settlement and deformation of the embankment, but it has obvious effect on the horizontal displacement of the foundation. When the thickness is strengthened by 20cm, it is reasonable and reasonable. The two types of Geocellss have little effect on the vertical displacement and horizontal displacement of the embankment. It is suggested that the 10 cm gravel cushion should be laid before the surface is cleaned in the actual construction, and then the 20cm Geocells is laid. The construction method.
Recently, the Geocellss used in the slope protection slope have high tensile strength and modulus, no long-term creep and good thermal stability. The compatibility of the surface after treatment with the asphalt, the chemical stability of the material and the grid Lock the role of the aggregate are better. So when it is laid in the lower or bottom of the asphalt concrete surface, the surface layer can enhance the deformation resistance. At the same time because of its paving area is generally larger, sometimes in the whole section of the whole shop, the surface layer of the wheel load pressure, secondary bending stress, shear and temperature tensile stress will be in the interface deformation compatible conditions It is borne by it and is diffused through its coverage, so that the anti-fatigue strength of the surface layer is improved, the resistance to rutting and drum pack is enhanced, and the deflection value can be reduced.

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