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Laying The Settlement Of The Top Of Each Subgrade

Laying the settlement of the top of each subgrade
Geocells data to control the settlement of the results, the single layer of the laying of the bottom from the bottom of the embankment to the top of the embankment gradually increased. In order to analyze and compare the results of multi-layer laying, from the beginning of the embankment bottom, layer by layer to lay the geogrid or grid, each level step arrangement of a layer, embankment bottom for the first layer, , Step 2 after laying for 3 layers, and so on.
With the addition of laying layers, the uneven settlement of the old and new subgrade decreases, and the maximum difference settlement after laying the two-layer geogrid is 3.9% less than that of the no geotextile. The maximum difference settlement ratio Geocells data reduced by 7.8%. Can see the Geocells project results are still geogrid 2 times.
When the Geocells is laid on the 3rd floor and above, the contribution rate of the total settlement and differential settlement is not large. In other words, from the point of view of regulatory settlement, 2-layer reinforcement is a technically economically optimal number of layers, or the best value for the number of layers.
Although the cost per unit area of Geocells is higher than that of geogrid, the "settlement control economic objective" is significantly better than the geogrid. In this way, the actual engineering, which can give priority to consider the application of Geocells to control the widening roadbed uneven settlement.
Geogrid and Geocells laying can be local control to expand the embankment is not the average settlement and lateral displacement, technical and economic comparison, Geocells better than geogrid. The closer the laying of geogrids and Geocells to the bottom of the embankment, the better the outcome of the settlement. But the control of lateral displacement, it is closer to the top results the better. Multilayer reinforcement is better than monolithic reinforcement, but there is an optimum value for the number of layers, regardless of the height of the embankment. For this particular case, the comprehensive comparison, the recommended plan is: the bottom two-tier cell + top layer of a grid.
Enhanced Geocells adoption High-density polyethylene plastic made by ultrasonic welding process, with low cost of low-cost characteristics, suitable for railway engineering instead of the traditional low-cost and short life of poor results of the traditional reinforcement of building materials, can effectively reduce the bed Train rolling caused by the settlement and deformation, the gravity evenly deployed to the track bed, extending its application life.
In the case of gravel, the use of reinforced Geocells on the roadbed has achieved regular compaction because of the friction between the wall and the gravel quality, resulting in a stronger degree of compaction than the upper part. The strength of the roadbed to ensure the safety of traffic. In the case of low bearing capacity of the bed, the Geocells has a prominent result of increasing the displacement in the vertical and horizontal direction of the rail cross section. It can be seen when the bed capacity is low, the adoption of Geocells reinforcement reinforcement than the previous way to fill the construction method more invalid.
As early as the end of 1984, the British Railways station in the Tilbury station laying a 90m long Geocells reinforcement roadbed, the station is located on the north shore of the Thames, about 40 km east of London city center. Because the double line line through the platform near the fragile clay soil, and the muddy rails under the muddy swing, so the resolution of the roadbed bed to enhance the use of enhanced Geocells reinforcement reinforcement. First excavated the bed to the soft and wet roadbed, and then laying geotextile, and then laying Geocells, so that it is perpendicular to the railway track. With a dump truck to the diameter of 1.4-2.5cm drainage function of good road bed gravel arrived next to the track, and then use the excavator to fill the gravel into the enhanced Geocells, and make it higher than the top of the compartment 5-7.6cm, Compaction solution after laying rails. The section of the roadbed bed run well, can be described as the British railway roadbed bed repair history of victory example.

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