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Plastic Planting Grass Plate Builds Natural Air Conditioning

Plastic Planting Grass Plate builds natural air conditioning
The Plastic Planting Grass Plate manufacturer learned that the urban greening has begun to be multi-faceted, and the three-dimensional greening is a fresh element. The application of Plastic Planting Grass Plate in urban green space is in line with the needs of urban greening.
The Plastic Planting Grass Plate selects the modified high molecular weight HDPE as the material, green environmental protection, thoroughly recyclable; The perfect completion of the lawn and parking lot, the Plastic Planting Grass Plate pressure, wear-resisting, anti-impact, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, improve the quality, save the investment; Joint horizontal joint, provincial, quick, adjustable stretch joint.
Plastic Planting Grass Plate stereo beautification is the use of climbing plants, grant approval of features, to cover up and a way to beautify, decorate objects mainly in metope and built on the roof, the cultivation area contains metope and high building, house with slope surface and wall reduction of area.
According to the survey, have stereo beautification wall temperature is lower than general metope 5.5 to 8 degrees, indoor temperature is low 2 ~ 4 degrees, relative humidity is 8 ~ 10%, reason is known as "natural" air conditioner, show beauty and modesty.
Plastic Planting Grass Plate vertical landscaping also can happen combination advantage and building material, can be changed along with the shape change of building material, beautify the United States and build good fusion, which provided a variety of beautiful appearance, to beautify the beauty and building beauty bring out the best in each other.
Plastic Planting Grass Plate manufacturers remember that we used to like cement floor, so clean, convenient. Now we look forward to a few different places in life, no more cement, so cold. Plastic Planting Grass Plate, make our sidewalk different, let the Grass grow in the same place where we are walking!
Let hard inanimate road green makeup point, make feet soft, planting grass that is used in place of the pedestrian pavement, maybe we would think that turf to walk, to step on the grass was dead. The Plastic Planting Grass Plate can completely protect the root of the Grass, even if you walk, the Grass can grow.
1, improve the pavement ecological environment: Plastic Planting Grass the gaps between the Plate has good waterproof, air permeability, is advantageous to the surface and the moisture is connected fully, air with Planting Grass and other vegetation, is to be able to cut the ground reflective create the phenomenon.
2. Beautify the road environment: the Plastic Planting Grass Plate can be prefabricated into various specifications, colors, even with different patterns and patterns, which are more beautiful than the net surface of cement.
3, conducive to the growth of the Grass: Plastic Planting Grass Plate water permeability, air permeability and other advantages, is conducive to the rain infiltration, can promote the flowers, Grass roots and the growth of leaf and stem growth, increased mistakes and affect growth, avoided the pedestrian friendly.
4, also can properly reserved land surface humidity, increase the humidity in the air, reduce dust float in the sky, to purify the air, the effect of improving urban ecological environment, more with rich natural smell, fresh green.
5, Plastic Planting Grass Plate surface can cut down the reflection of the ground radiation pedestrian journey, cutting formation heat transfer and so on merits, is suitable for park, residential area, tunnel, pedestrian pavement include home yard road.
Green Plastic Planting Grass Plate unique and stable horizontal joint to connect the whole laid face into a flat whole, avoid local sag, the construction is extremely convenient. High strength and long life, the Plastic Planting Grass Plate adopts special materials of patented technology and has the highest compression ability. Performance stability, anti-ultraviolet, acid and alkali corrosion, anti-wear pressure. Excellent drainage. Green environmental protection: Plastic Planting Grass Plate is safe and stable, recyclable and recyclable, absolutely pollution-free, full care of the lawn. The light saving Plastic Planting Grass Plate is 5 kg per square meter. It is extremely portable, easy to install, save labor and shorten the construction period.
The Plastic Planting Grass Plate adopts modified high molecular weight as raw material, green environmental protection, completely recyclable.
The perfect realization of the lawn and parking lot, the Plastic Planting Grass Plate pressure, wear-resisting, anti-impact, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, improve the quality and save investment;
Unique flat insert, save work, fast, adjustable expansion joints. It can be used in parking lot, fire lane, fire fighting, golf lane, exhibition center, modern workshop, noble living community, roof garden, etc.

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