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Plastic Planting Grass Plate Green And Fresh Green And The Original Ecological Greening

Plastic Planting Grass Plate green and fresh green and the original ecological greening
Greening has become a trend, the development of Plastic Planting Grass Plate is inevitable, Plastic Planting Grass Plate to make parking and greening function into one, in the high cost of the city, can save developers valuable investment.
Green Plastic Planting Grass Plate unique and stable flat plug-type lap so that the entire laying of the surface into a flat as a whole, to avoid local depression, the construction is extremely convenient. High strength, long life, Plastic Planting Grass Plate using patented technology of special materials, the highest compressive capacity. Performance stability, anti-ultraviolet, acid and alkali corrosion, anti-wear pressure. Excellent drainage. Green: plastic cultivation lawn board safe and stable, recyclable recycling, absolutely no pollution, comprehensive care lawn. Lightweight and economical Plastic Planting Grass Plate 5 kg per square meter, extremely light, fast installation, saving labor, shorten the construction period.
Plastic Planting Grass Plate using modified high molecular weight as raw material, green, fully recyclable;
The perfect realization of the lawn, parking two in one, Plastic Planting Grass Plate pressure, wear resistance, impact resistance, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, enhance the quality and save the investment;
Unique flat plug lap, the provincial workers, fast, adjustable expansion joints. It applies to the parking lot, fire lane, fire climbing high side, golf lane, exhibition center, modern plant, noble living community, roof garden.
Plastic planting turf provides more than 95% of the grass area, complete greening effect, can be sound absorption, vacuum, significantly enhance the quality of the environment and taste. Plastic planting turf board to stop and green features combined, in the high cost of the city, can save the developer's valuable investment. The unique and stable flat plug of plastic lawns makes the entire pavement a flat overall, avoiding local sagging and extremely convenient construction. High strength, long life:
Plastic Planting Grass Plate using patented technology of special materials, compression capacity of up to 200 tons / square meter, greater than the standard requirements of the fire board height of 32 tons / square meter. Performance stability, anti-ultraviolet, acid and alkali corrosion, anti-wear pressure, weathering -40 ℃ -90 ℃. Gravel load-bearing layer provides a good water function to facilitate the discharge of excess precipitation. Environmental non-toxic, non-polluting, impact resistance to aging, reduce ground acoustic wave transmission, reduce noise pollution, reduce dust, clean air to increase green area, construction is simple, light weight.
Now, buy a new car no place to stop, has become a lot of car owners the most troublesome thing. Whether it is living in the old district or the new district will face the same problem, the owners have to complain to the community, but the staff of the community did not do anything about it. Finally, finally in the multi-communication and coordination, the program was released, that is, the original district of the road more spacious roadside parking spaces in the green belt covered with parking spaces to increase the parking lot of plastic planting lawn. Parking space for the cultivation of turf, whether visually or actually tread on the lawn, closer to the original ecology.
Plastic Planting Grass Plate manufacturers understand that urban greening has begun to multi-faceted, three-dimensional green is a fresh element. The application of plastic planting lawns in urban greening is in line with the needs of urban greening.
Plastic Planting Grass Plate selection of modified high molecular weight HDPE as the material, green, thoroughly recyclable; perfect completion of the lawn, parking lot two, Plastic Planting Grass Plate pressure, wear, impact resistance, anti- Improve the quality, save the capital; common flat plug-in, provincial workers, fast, adjustable retractable joints.
Plastic Planting Grass Plate three-dimensional landscaping is the use of plant climbing, smoking endorsement around the characteristics of the object to cover and decorate a landscaping, mainly in the wall and the construction of the roof, the cultivation area contains walls and high roof, House section with slope and fence and other areas.
It is reported that there are three-dimensional landscaping wall temperature 5.5 ~ 8 degrees lower than the average wall, the indoor temperature is 2 to 4 degrees lower, relative humidity is increased 8 ~ 10%, so known as the "natural air conditioner", and also Have the role of cover ugly beauty.
Plastic Planting Grass Plate vertical landscaping and construction can also be combined with the advantages, with the shape of the building to change the change, so that the United States and the United States and the United States and the integration of the United States, delineate a variety of beautiful appearance, Build beauty complement each other.

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