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Reasons And Countermeasure Of Water Accumulation And Subsidence In Plastic Planting Grass Plate

Reasons and Countermeasure of Water Accumulation and Subsidence in Plastic Planting Grass Plate
Plastic Planting Grass Plate pavement structure from top to bottom is generally divided into four layers: plastic planted lawn surface layer, leveling layer, permeable base, permeable cushion. The Plastic Planting Grass Plate board is a permeable material; the leveling layer is made of fine sand and the main function is to flatten the surface to facilitate the pavement of the pavement and make the paving more evidence; the pervious base layer and the permeable cushion layer are both compacted by gravel, The former carries the role of the road, which plays the role of transmission load, due to the same use of materials, most of the construction of the two as a unified level. The pavement structure can seep the surface rainwater timely due to the good permeability from top to bottom. Therefore, the rainfall intensity and the rainfall duration basically have no effect on the water infiltration effect and infiltration time of the Plastic Planting Grass Plate system. If there is settlement, water situation:
Plastic Planting Grass Plate board
Analysis of the following three possible reasons:
1. The load is too large, more than the plastic bearing capacity of the lawn board foundation, resulting in uneven subsidence, and lead to surface irregularities caused by water phenomenon;
2. Plastic Planting Grass Plate board foundation drainage is not smooth or not designed drainage;
3. Plastic Planting Grass Plate plate prone to thermal expansion, loose when fixed prone to loosening, deformation.
Dealing with Plastic Planting Grass Plate sink, water situation, we should take measures are:
1. In the laying of the foundation layer, with special attention to ensure adequate water permeability, the thickness and bearing capacity of the structural layer should be consistent with the load required to carry;
2. Laying the Plastic Planting Grass Plate before the plate must be well drained, in strict accordance with the design requirements of construction, and lay a layer of sand on the foundation structure thickness of 2 ~ 3cm mixture for drainage;
3. Plastic Planting Grass Plate board installation, in order to make it a better fixed installation, should be each Plastic Planting Grass Plate board slot or slot link fixed, and in the whole area around the edge, and in order to prevent plastic Growing lawn board may occur thermal expansion, in each of the Plastic Planting Grass Plate between the board to reserve 1 ~ 1.5cm gap.
Do not know when to start people's living habits made a lot of changes in the past people buy a house like in the bustling downtown, but now gradually found that many people like to area, countryside, Yamashita bought a house, can be seen People's living environment requirements are gradually improving. Perhaps smart developers also found this point, when developers not only focus on the construction of residential areas and lot, the greening of neighborhoods are also taken seriously.
Speaking of afforestation can not but increase an invisible green master - Plastic Planting Grass Plate board. We may not all be familiar with this green material, but I will tell you a little about it. For example, our parking spaces, invisible fire escapes, our roof garden, our small park and so on.
Plastic Planting Grass Plate features:
1, Plastic Planting Grass Plate performance stability, anti-UV, acid and alkali corrosion, abrasion pressure, weather -40 ℃ -90 ℃.
2, Plastic Planting Grass Plate board drainage excellent: gravel bearing layer provides a good water features to facilitate the removal of excess precipitation.
3, Plastic Planting Grass Plate protection of the lawn: gravel bearing layer provides a certain water storage function, beneficial lawn growth, the grass can grow to the gravel layer.
4, Plastic Planting Grass Plate board greening rate can reach more than 95%.
Based on the above advantages, the selection of green area green plastic lawn plank this environmentally friendly, pollution-free, recyclable materials, more and more developers, a good residential landscape design can bring people a comfortable life, imagine every day to work and return to school Home has a good environment to relax and feel natural and friendly, where people can rest, you can talk. With children, the elderly enjoy their grandchildren, that is how kind of happiness ah.

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