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Schools Use Plastic Planting Grass Plate To Grow Lawns For A Lot Of Benefits

Schools use Plastic Planting Grass Plate to grow lawns for a lot of benefits
Plastic Planting Grass Plate technology is rapid, all aspects of the characteristics are very close to the natural grass, and the school use of plastic cultivation lawn benefits are many, for example:
       1, plastic planting lawn pavement material all meet the environmental requirements, plastic cultivation of lawn plate surface can be recycled, the basis of construction can be used in situ excavated spoil and gravel, fully comply with the reduction of waste emissions, the use of natural The principle of environmental protection.
       2, Plastic Planting Grass Plate using bionics principle, so that the athlete's foot feeling, the ball's rebound speed and other natural lawn is very close, and has a good water permeability, heavy rain after the rapid drainage.
       3, Plastic Planting Grass Plate finished product construction, fixed duration. Plastic Planting Grass Plate quality easy to grasp, and the acceptance is easy without too much professional knowledge, can not cut corners.
       4, Plastic Planting Grass Plate in addition to a variety of natural lawn with excellent performance, but also in particular with wear-resistant, and the factory will provide Plastic Planting Grass Plate more than 5 years warranty, covering all the scope of artificial turf, and even the surface of quartz sand, with High security.
       5, Plastic Planting Grass Plate full of water permeable breathable, and not bonded to the bottom, just laying on it, no bubbles delamination concerns.
       6, Plastic Planting Grass Plate foundation is not high, can be in the asphalt or cement on the construction, the cycle is short, and easy to exercise for a long time.
       7, plastic cultivation lawn board to take the concept of safety protection, it is more suitable for school use, and there is no inappropriate flexibility caused by the concerns of athletes hurt.
       To sum up, sports Plastic Planting Grass Plate a lot of advantages, fully applicable to the use of various sports venues in schools.
Plastic Planting Grass Plate glue plays a role in fixing the lawn and seams, lawns and the ground, which is an important ingredient in the plastic pavement paving. Currently on the market better quality Plastic Planting Grass Plate glue is Nanbao resin. But the price is higher. Many of the market in the use of Han Bao resin, cost-effective. Glue can also be the nearest choice, but try to choose the construction team familiar glue.
Artificial turf glue standard usually need to achieve the following three: 1, water resistance, outdoor plastic cultivation lawn floor drainage must be done, turf glue to be waterproof. If not waterproof, late lawn joints crack, shaking. 2, a wide range of temperature, the North plastic planting lawn site in the winter minimum temperature may have to reach minus thirty-nine degrees, artificial turf glue need to withstand cold. In the south, Plastic Planting Grass Plate glue needs to be close to sixty degrees high temperature. 3, the high adhesion, the use of turf and glue is closely related to the viscosity of the glue may be back to the lawn and the site around the curling, affecting the life of plastic planting lawn.
Plastic Planting Grass Plate glue selection the first step to see what the adhesive material for the glue. Some glue for bonding metal, and some suitable for bonding foam, and some suitable for bonding plastic, and some suitable for bonding glass and so on. There are also common glue, such as omnipotent glue. The second step to select the appropriate temperature range of glue, choose the appropriate temperature range to achieve the outdoor temperature of plastic cultivation lawn. The third step to see the environmental performance of glue, the general high environmental quality of the glue higher.
In sports venues, plastic cultivated turf glue is mainly used for the bonding of lawn and seam cloth and the surrounding bonding of the site. The first is the lawn seam cloth bonding, which is one of the most important steps in the plastic pavement pavement pavement link. First seam cloth near the ground point of glue. Seam cloth front, to be bonded Plastic Planting Grass Plate full of bristles on the back. After the glue is not sticky hand, the two sides of the lawn and seams cloth docking. Artificial in the above walk a few times step on the real.

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