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Several Aspects That Affect The Effect Of Drain Board Reinforcement

Several aspects that affect the effect of Drain Board reinforcement
    With the wide application of plastic Drain Board in soft soil foundation, the research on the influencing factors of reinforcement effect is more and more in-depth. On the existing research at home and abroad mainly contains the following aspects.
(1) Calculation of equivalent diameter of plastic Drain Board
The function and design of the plastic Drain Board are the same as those of the sand drainage method, and the plastic Drain Board can be converted into a diamonds with a considerable diameter. The equivalent diameter is the basic parameter of the plastic Drain Board design, depending only on the surface area and shape of the plastic Drain Board, regardless of the water capacity and material. Many scholars at home and abroad have carried out a lot of research on this, the conversion factor is different.
(2) the role of plastic Drain Board well resistance
The size of the damper depends on the water capacity of the plastic Drain Board, and the water capacity of the plastic Drain Board depends to a large extent on the type of cross-section of the Drain Board and the performance of the Drain Board filter. It is mainly manifested in the impact of the plastic Drain Board section type and the effect of the filter.
(3) the role of plastic Drain Board smear
When the plastic sheet is inserted into the soil, the spindle of the cardboard machine is disturbed by the soil around the Drain Board. This disturbance area is called the smear area. Smear area soil due to disturbance, greatly reduce the permeability coefficient, affecting the Drain Board function. There are three parameters that characterize the application of the smear: the diameter of the smear area, the horizontal permeability coefficient and the vertical permeability coefficient of the smear area. The extent and extent of the smear area vary with the progress of the insert machine, the shape and size of the mandrel, and the changes in soil structure. Which the mandrel of the rhombus produced by the smearing effect of the smallest; static pressure method than the vibration of the smearing effect; soft clay in the smearing effect than the hard soil layer.
In order to help the first time to buy Drain Board, please professional Drain Board manufacturers to tell you about the selection of qualified quality Drain Board method, the quality of Drain Board classification are the following three:
First, [the difference]: Drain Board relatively poor quality, we Drain Board manufacturers do not advocate customers to purchase this product, this Drain Board is more brittle, easy to break with the kick, the goods to the site after the bad acceptance, provoke Unnecessary trouble, but also affect your other goods, and thus affect your credibility, a lot of distribution to this mainly lead to low prices rampant!
Second, [general material]: Drain Board is the best selling goods, the price is moderate, the quality can also be in the process of loading and unloading will not run into trouble, this Drain Board has flexibility, the hardness of the protrusion Can be achieved, so the general material of the Drain Board sales the best, which in the Party and the construction side which is more recognized, after all, both to ensure that the profits, but also do the quality!
Third, [good material]: Drain Board good product is our Drain Board manufacturers main push of the product, the price is slightly higher, but the quality of absolute clearance, the industry can now reach the standard, as we mainly do the manufacturers, This kind of Drain Board bright color, flexibility is particularly good, and then there will not be broken off the phenomenon, a good saying that the good "a sub-price goods"!
  Waterproof effect is good or bad, the quality of the building is essential, so that waterproofing works in the construction occupies a very important position. In the construction of the entire building, we must strictly and seriously do a good job building waterproofing works, the same, the drainage effect should not be underestimated, only the effective discharge of water can increase the life of the garage, so hdpe Drain Board is essential.
  HDPE plastic Drain Board with auxiliary waterproof function, office, room, workshop and other workplaces such as long-term leakage will seriously damage the office facilities, precision instruments, machine tools, etc. can also be due to mildew and even failure, and even cause electrical short circuit.
  HDPE Drain Board as a drainage material reasons:
1.HDPE plastic Drain Board particles thicker, larger permeability coefficient, but it can not stop the movement of fine particles. In the Drain Board to play the full play, the upper side of the aerial layer will form a layer of natural filter layer, the natural filter layer of fine soil content than the overhead layer more, relatively low permeability,
2.HDPE plastic Drain Board to block the adjacent natural soil layer of fine particles of movement, which played a role in retaining the soil. Drain Board is the role of this.

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