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The Advantage Of Plastic Planting Grass Plate And Its Nursing Method

The advantage of Plastic Planting Grass Plate and its nursing method

Plastic Planting Grass Plate use is very extensive, there are decorative leisure, landscape laying, there are kindergarten, there are sports on the field. Each use of the grass silk requirements are not the same standard, as a Plastic Planting Grass Plate plate manufacturers need to be targeted to recommend to the customer appropriate Plastic Planting Grass Plate plate.

The plastic-grown lawn has excellent elasticity and real grassness, and the movement on the artificial grass has the feeling on the natural lawn. In particular, artificial grass has the exercise intensity tolerance, is the natural lawn can not match. Products for all-weather use, do not fade, no deformation, durable, long time often new.

Daily maintenance is simple. Artificial grass without replanting, pruning, watering, fertilization, in addition to weeds, pest control and many other conservation work, just rinse with water to remove dirt, annual savings in water and maintenance costs, routine maintenance is simple.

This is the benefits of Plastic Planting Grass Plate plate, of course, the benefits of Plastic Planting Grass Plate is far more than that, we can also feel the joy and convenience.

Plastic Planting Grass Plate plate has the advantages

1. Can be installed in a variety of basic surface, the basic quality requirements are not high, not afraid of cracking, no blistering layer of the worries, both simple and economical.

2. Artificial grass maintenance is simple, low maintenance costs, rinse with water to remove dirt, but also has not faded, no deformation characteristics.

3. like the real grass, there is the feeling of green; full range, the grass can be selected according to practical use.

4. Artificial grass sports venues overall layout beautiful, high utilization rate, life expectancy of up to 10 years, and durable and easy maintenance, all-weather sustainable use.

5. Artificial grass material environmental protection, finished product construction, fixed and shorter duration, easy to grasp the quality, acceptance is simple, without too much professional knowledge.

6. Artificial grass field to use high, both shock absorption, noise-free, safe non-toxic, flexible, good flame retardant performance characteristics, it is suitable for school use, is the best activities, training, competition venues.

7. Plastic Planting Grass Plate board to take the concept of safety protection, so to avoid sports injuries. It provides sufficient cushioning force, reducing the general hard to the foot may cause damage, so you do not have any cause caused by the venue.

8. The full range of materials are in line with environmental requirements, Plastic Planting Grass Plate plate layer can be recycled. Foundation laying the use of the original digging of the spoil and sand.

9. Foundation is not bonded with the surface layer. When the use of the face layer after the expiration of the surface can only be replaced, and then the low cost of investment.

10. Playground planning into a plane, without any uneven, and this new structure has the function of reducing the pressure decompression, reducing the noise on the playground, the class to reduce the interference.

11. The lawn gap uses a clean, high proportion of quartz sand, so that students have the opportunity to get close to the soil and not to the environment and body dirty, remove some cleaning trouble.

12. Crossing the use of direct preparation, do not need to frequently broken and distress, easy maintenance, almost no follow-up maintenance costs.

Plastic Planting Grass Plate can be used in sports venues such as runways, soccer fields, tennis courts, baseball fields, hockey fields, gateball courts, golf courses, basketball courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts and softball courts. It can also be used in square, meeting place and elementary and junior high school, kindergarten comprehensive activity site. As well as greening of roads, railways, communities, green roofs, courtyards. Its main raw materials are: PE (polyethylene, mainly used for sports field), PA (Korean imports of nylon, sports and leisure venues and use), PP (polypropylene, mainly curled silk, for leisure places). Environmental protection is natural, pollution-free pollution.

All day facing the computer, by the radiation damage, eye fatigue, neck and shoulder pain. Seven colors, the green is gentle and seductive, just remember the table put a pot of green, how do not want to shop at the foot of a layer of green? When you are tired, boring, when you are upset, when you are pessimistic and disappointed, imagine, you gently went to the door, the distance there is a watery grass, green as fresh, tender and beautiful, you The mood will not be improved, even into the poem into painting; an artificial lawn is enough to make your dream come true. Eye view of the green, worry and worry why do not worry? We found that in the leisure courtyard, indoor home, kindergarten, exhibition hall, sports court and other indoor and outdoor places, artificial grass for the distribution of the charm of the people used by the hi, and everywhere. It brings people to the infinite real joy and fun.

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