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The History Of The Development Of Geocells

The history of the development of Geocells
Geocells is a new type of geosynthetics developed in the 1980s. It is a three-dimensional honeycomb structure made of high strength and high density polyethylene. It has the characteristics of light weight, abrasion resistance and abrasion resistance. High rigidity, toughness, good impact resistance and so on, can be filled with sand, stone, soil and other fill together constitute a certain bending, shear and compression capacity of the flexible raft foundation to improve the bearing capacity , To reduce sedimentation and uneven settlement.
Currently. This kind of geosynthetics (Geocells) is not only widely used in soft soil foundation reinforcement, slope protection, retaining wall construction and other geotechnical engineering, and because of its sand, stone and other filler together to form a good filter, Drainage, isolation, reinforcement, protection and anti-seepage and other effects, and widely used in channel seepage and reservoir dam filter drainage and other water conservancy projects. Geocells is a very promising geosynthetics, many scholars at home and abroad from different angles to its research.
However, due to the complexity of the strengthening mechanism of the Geocells, so far its theoretical research is still in the development stage, there is no uniform method of deformation calculation, and deformation is an important aspect of embankment design, so many scholars on the compartment Of the deformation of the study, and achieved some results. The higher the physical and mechanical properties of the foundation soil, the greater the strength, the greater the vertical reaction force that the lattice body can produce, the less the deformation of the lattice body is, Increase and gradually decrease.
The frictional resistance of the interface will weaken the deformation and internal force of the chamber. After considering the friction, the deformation or bending moment of the midpoint of the cell body is smaller than the deformation or bending moment when the friction is not taken into account. And the greater the friction, the deformation or bending the stronger the stronger. Therefore, increasing the frictional resistance of the interface between the body and the soil and increasing the tensile strength of the tendons contribute to the deformation of the cell body and the decrease of the internal force, but its weakening effect is limited.
The Geocells cushion can effectively reduce the settlement of the roadbed, but when its length or stiffness reaches a certain value, it can no longer increase the length or stiffness to reduce the settlement of the roadbed, that is, the compartment body design has an effective length and reasonable Stiffness; the friction force acting on the interface of the body of the cell body weakened the deformation and internal force of the cell body. The project can increase the friction resistance of the compartment body and the soil interface or improve the tensile strength Small cell body deformation and internal force.
The Geocells slope restoration technique is to fix the Geocells in the absence of plant growth soil conditions and surface stability on the slope, and then in the Geocells filled with plants and soil, sowing a suitable mixed shrub species of a slope Vegetation restoration technology.
Geocells appearance size of the technical indicators are very large, generally provided by the technical indicators of the site, the manufacturers according to the target production. Here the technical indicators will be based on the conditions of the slope to choose to expand the size of the height of the cell sheet, torch.
The effect of this method is very obvious, which can effectively control the soil and water loss of the feng shui feng shui slope and the mixed rock slope. The soil condition and the vegetation restoration effect are obvious in the Geocells. Second, the cell of the anti-stretch, anti-erosion effect is good, with good soil and water conservation function. Construction also has a lot of attention, in the Geocells fixed, you can fill the Geocells chamber, filling the use of vibration plate to make the chamber, and high lattice room 1-2cm.

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