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Use The Drain Board To Deal With The Cost Of Roof Greening

Use the Drain Board to deal with the cost of roof greening

The top layer of the cone of the cone is covered with a layer of filter cloth to prevent the soil particles from passing, thus avoiding the obstruction of the drainage channel and the drainage of the channel. Traditional drainage methods use masonry tile as the guide layer, use more pebbles or gravel as the filtration layer, and water discharge to the designated place. When replacing the cobblestone water layer with the Drain Board, it can save time, save energy, save investment, and reduce the load of the building.

Good drainage system plays an important role in the construction period and the normal use and life of the structures. Drain Board and porous pipe tapping a valid Drain drainage system, cylindrical long-short Drain Board and tapping geotextile is composed of a drainage system, thus forming a which has the function of water seepage, water storage and drainage system.

Drain Board is tapping by polystyrene (HIPS) or polyethylene (HDPE) as the raw material plastic floor after punching into cone by units or stiffening rib protruding point (or hollow cylindrical porous), through continuous r&d materials have huge promotion of innovation and change, is composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the raw material crushing, compressive strength and the overall flatness improved significantly, with 1 ~ 3 meters in length, length of 4 ~ 10 meters or more.

With the widespread adoption of the water Board in the construction industry, market recognition has been continuously improved, and the future urban greening of the Drain Board will continue to be promoted.

Waterproof and drainage protection board have bump stud hollow structure, can fast effective export rainwater, greatly reduce or even eliminate the hydrostatic pressure of the waterproof layer, through the principle of the active water can be active waterproof effect.

Waterproof property: polyethylene (HDPE) polystyrene (PVC) waterproof protective sheet material is a very good waterproof material in itself. By adopting reliable connection mode, the anti-drain Board becomes a good waterproof material.

The Drain Board protects the protection

The protective shield can effectively protect the structure and waterproof layer, and resist the root spines of all kinds of acid base and plant in the soil. When it is reclaimed from the basement, it can protect buildings and waterproof layers from damage.

Sound insulation and ventilation:

Laboratory data show that polyethylene (HDPE) polyvinyl chloride (PVC) protection and drainage protection board can effectively reduce the noise of indoor 14 decibels and 500HZ, with obvious noise reduction and noise reduction. The waterproof guide board can be used in the ground or metope, can also have very good ventilated moistureproof effect.

Drain Board tapping after years of development, in the process of construction, has been widely recognized by the trouble with this is the appearance of many manufacturers for market share or profitability, use inferior raw materials for production, production of products is also the good and bad are intermingled. In the process of procurement, it is inevitable that we will introduce the quality of the Drain Board.

1. Firstly, from the appearance and pattern of the Drain Board, the quality of the Drain Board is black and shiny, while the other is dark;

2. Hold the Drain Board with your hand, and the quality of the Drain Board is upright, which is relatively stable, and the Drain Board is soft and easy to bend.

3. It is not easy to say that the Drain line used by the poor material is used. Although buried in the ground, it is less resistant to aging. In the process of backfilling, once there is a damage, the whole drainage layer is equal to waste.

4. The low-quality storage Board tends to be lighter than the quality, and the poor quality of the Board is thinner, and the color in it is grey.

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