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What Are The Advantages Of Drain Board?

What are the advantages of Drain Board?
  Advantages of Drain Boards Traditional drainage methods use masonry tiles as the filter layer, using more cobblestone or gravel as a filter layer, and draining water to a designated location. And now with the Drain Board to replace the cobblestone drainage layer to save time, effort and energy saving, saving investment, and reduce the load of buildings.
  Drain Board A well-functioning drainage system plays an important role in the construction period and the normal use and life of the building. The drainage plank of the HW Drain Board and the porous seepage pipe form an effective sparse drainage system. The cylindrical long and short Drain Board and the nonwoven fabric also form a drainage system to form a system with seepage, water storage and drainage functions.
  (Grass) grid range: high-end living community, parking, fire lanes, golf lanes, roof gardens, convention centers, modern factories and so on. Completely green grass lattice provides more than 95% of the planted area, complete greening effect, can be sound absorption, vacuum, significantly enhance the quality of the environment and taste. (Reference: concrete grass brick only 30% gap)
  Drain Board to clean up the laying of the scene of garbage, cement leveling, so that the scene is not obvious convex, outdoor garage roof and roof garden need to have 2-5 slope.
 Plastic Drain Board, also known as plastic drainage belt, plastic Drain Board core plate with polypropylene and polyethylene mixed with the preparation, with polypropylene rigid and flexible polyethylene, filter with long fiber hot non-woven fabrics, with water-resistant , Good water permeability. So what should we pay attention to when using plastic Drain Board?
1, plastic Drain Board should have corrosion resistance, flexibility, strength and drainage performance to meet the design requirements.
2, plastic Drain Board in the storage and use of the process shall not be long-term exposure, should take protective measures.
3, plastic Drain Board laying should be straight, the depth of laying to meet the design requirements, more than the length of the hole should be into the sand cushion is not less than 50cm.
 Now on the market more and more types of Drain Board, many people are now in the purchase of Drain Board when there is no way to identify the Drain Board is good or bad, then the Drain Board to how to identify good or bad? Here to tell you how to choose a good Drain Board.
    First of all, like other goods, look at the appearance, starting from the Drain Board pattern point of view, the early production of Drain Boards are the same, the general pattern of the Drain Board like the steering wheel of the car is still better.
    Second, weigh the weight of the Drain Board, the heavier the Drain Board, the more tangible quality is better, and now there are a lot of waste Drain Board is the selling point is relatively soft, said the texture is relatively soft, folding are folded, if you want long Use, or is not recommended to use waste Drain Board, because after all, the use of life will not be too long.
Plastic Drain Board construction Note:
1, when the machine positioning machine boots and board mark deviation should be controlled within ± 70mm range
2, set the process should always pay attention to control the vertical casing, the deviation should not be greater than ± 1.5%
3, must be designed to strictly control the design of plastic Drain Board elevation, shall not appear shallow to the deviation; when the geological changes can not be found according to the design requirements, should promptly contact with the site supervisor and consent to change after playing Set the standard
4, set up plastic Drain Board is strictly prohibited kink fracture and tearing the membrane and so on
5, when the length of the tape should not be more than 500mm, and the number of straps should not exceed the total number of 5%
6, cut the plastic Drain Board sand cushion above the exposed length should be greater than 200mm
7, should check the construction of each board when the acceptance criteria when the transfer machine can be set to play a next, or to be in the adjacent plate at the cover
8, set up the process should be self-test board and according to the requirements of the construction record plastic Drain Board construction of the original record table
9, into the foundation of the plastic Drain Board should be the whole board, the length of the need to take a long time must be in accordance with the provisions of the appendix and the requirements of the
10, a section of plastic Drain Board acceptance, should be promptly filled with sand cushion sand sand cover the formation of the hole around the board, and the plastic Drain Board buried in the sand pad

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