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What Are The Advantages Of Plastic Drain Board?

1. Building plastic Drain Board with polyethylene (PE) raw materials from injection molding, high compressive strength, not easy to produce deformation. Is a set of drainage, water storage functions in one of the new drainage materials, and has a light weight, high load, drainage, water storage, insulation, transportation convenience, easy construction and so on.
2. Building plastic Drain Board has some concave and convex hollow structure, can quickly and effectively export rain, greatly reduce or even eliminate the waterproof layer of hydrostatic pressure, through the principle of active water conductivity can achieve active waterproofing effect.
3. Building plastic Drain Board Waterproof: Polyethylene (HDPE) Waterproof and protective plate material itself is a very good waterproof material. Through the use of a reliable connection, so that the Drain Board to become a good auxiliary waterproof material.
Drain Board combination is based on the combination of hydrophobic water and waterproof water and the formation of the concept of waterproof material, its main role is through the effective discharge of groundwater (rain), to reduce the waterproof material to bear the purpose of water pressure; Waterproof material to play a protective role, so as to maximize the purpose of anti-seepage leak.
The bottom plate of the plastic Drain Board has the characteristics of three-dimensional circular bumps, which form a uniform cavity, and the leaked water is drained through the cavity into the drainage ditch and the water collecting pond, so as to reach the water after the first drainage Perfect warranty combination. The backplane material has high impact resistance and high pressure resistance, and does not affect the drainage effect due to deformation under long term high pressure.
Drainboard combination of the filter layer of geotextile directly contact with the soil, blocking the soil may penetrate the drainage channel particles to ensure that the board cavity will not be blocked due to foreign objects. At the same time because of this layer of geotextile evenly adhere to the floor round bumps, can enhance the tensile strength of the floor.
The Drain Board is composed of a polystyrene drain floor and a polypropylene single woven filter geotextile which is in close contact with it.
In recent years, the application of Drain Board in the basement is more and more extensive, today focused on the Drain Board in the basement moisture-proof anti-seepage function applications.
At present, the main difficulties of underground engineering waterproofing concentrated in the basement side wall waterproofing, basement side wall cracks common illness can not be avoided, high-rise settlement to damage the waterproof layer, until the basement side wall earth backfill often after the wall leakage phenomenon. Generally found in the leak after the use of high pressure grouting to remedy, but only from the principle of blocking to the water, can not guarantee the basement wall no leakage. The application of moisture-proof and impermeable Drain Board in plastic Drain Board is a simple, effective, reliable and low-cost method from the angle of sparse.
In the basement node and part of the wall area of water seepage phenomenon, for waterproofing need to have a reliable and effective solution, and finally the use of pe board material plastic Drain Board to solve the external wall waterproof requirements.
Anti-seepage and Drain Board in the basement of the application of the characteristics and principles:
HDPE plastic Drain Board compared to ordinary green pl Drain Board with good flexibility, can be better with the wall bonding, while the tensile strength is higher, in the event of internal stress to avoid the paint layer to produce cracks. HDPE plastic Drain Board is the role of waterproofing in the main body is completed, first of all rely on the structure from the waterproof to block the groundwater, and then let the structure of the water after the groundwater pressure test, and then in the structural wall inside the plastic Drain Board made of a permanent hollow layer, Even if there is a slight amount of water seepage and condensate water can only be along the structural wall in the sandwich in the vertical stay, and finally the introduction of drainage ditch to the catchment wells. So that the structure of the waterproof and the inner wall of the hollow sandwich together to become a permanent guarantee of the quality of the project, and finally paint the plastic Drain Board dedicated anti-cracking insulation mortar, so that the temperature inside and outside the wall to adjust the same temperature, so as to achieve a waterproof effect.
In the HDPE plastic Drain Board and wall painting process must be done to the quality standards and the corresponding control points:
1. In dry and wet different wall construction, there will be empty situation, but no more than 10% empty drums.
2. Fiberglass mesh should be laid vertically, the lap width shall not be less than 50mm, up and down shall not be less than 60mm, yin and yang angle with l0cm wide glass mesh fibrous two-layer edge.
3. Anti-cracking insulation mortar powder flatness in accordance with national standards of intermediate painting standards acceptance, to complete the whitening of the surface must use iron plate calendering.
4. Control points: raw material acceptance, adhesive ratio, the ratio of rubber carrier area, mesh cloth lap size. The wall of the finished Drain Board shall not be free to cut the hole, if it is needed, should be in the protective layer to achieve the design and strength before proceeding, after the installation of objects around it should be restored.
5. The traditional external wall waterproof effect is not ideal lead to maintenance costs, if the use of higher cost of lining the wall, and the use of HDPE plastic Drain Board to eliminate the strategy to solve the underground wall leakage of the problem, more environmentally friendly and View is better, social benefits are also very obvious.

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